Freelance Web developer

A new freelance web developer has entered the fray, it is I. I am now available in future to those that seek me.
I have decided after almost 6 years of agency life that it is time to solely concentrate on my freelance capacity. It may very well be a quick dip, you never know what is around the corner, the water might be colder than it looked from the shore.

My work on the side has always been small bits and bobs over the years but over the last 15 months it started to kick up. Then it got to the point where through an 8 month period I couldn’t recall an evening or weekend not spent on work, blogging, learning, trying to tron myself into the web. This was a clue that it might be time to try going into freelance full time.

As I had never tried the freelance world full time, I felt it was the right time to have a go. Even if it is a short 6 month stint, it will be interesting to see how I get on and I look forward to working with some wonderful people in future. If it doesn’t work out as planned then so be it and I will have enjoyed my time in the freelancing world. Any experience is experience darling.

I am looking forward to creating some things to release on my github account and contribute more hopefully to other projects more. I also hope to build some things to release and make the world a better place but those projects are slowly getting off the ground.

Also I wish to blog more, learn more and go to more events! I just wish to be a better developer and a better person for it.

Thanks for reading you beautiful people (yes you).

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