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WordPress theme development

WordPress theme development and an interesting few techniques to employ in your theme development. So over the last few years I’ve been working on the odd project in wordpress. Some have meant the need for custom work becoming projects, such as my wordpress MVC library. It has helped me in numerous projects and hope it

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Another wordpress CRM plugin

Hello, I have been busy a lot lately (the developers catchphrase). But I always want to share anything I can that may help you on your way or can inspire you to do better. About 6 months ago I was asked to make a CRM for a friends WordPress site, they asked for specific things

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WordPress shortcodes for posts & widgets

Hello! This is a nice short code snippet/tutorial on using shortcodes in wordpress widget areas and for the like, in posts. One thing I have always found handy is to have two shortcodes that don’t need to be updated when you move a site from local to production or from a live server to your

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