diquinnyonk Website developer extraordinaire. Creator of immense shining beauty or chaotic sinful destruction.

A Nottingham Web developer.

I am a Nottingham based web developer. Drupal, Magento, WordPress are some of the tools I work with. Angular, Backbone, VueJS are others. I try to do better as we always can improve.

Well done

Yes I am a Nottingham Web developer, my name is paul mark quinn and I work in this wonderful industry, I make websites and apps and ruddy love it. WordPress, Drupal, Magento are some of the platforms I use amongst an array of others including laravel, codeigniter (yes I know it’s practically dead), Angular, Backbone and VueJs (A wonderful JS framework). I love the frontend methodologies SMACSS, BEM, OCSS as it just makes CSS that much easier to work with when you have some standards. Being based In nottingham as a web developer who tries to learn and learn and learn then I always want to improve so you’ll always find me in a book or reading a tutorial or just trying to create and build something.

If you wanna talk, get in touch. Maybe we can have a tea and discuss something cool

Also I have a face, here it is:

Nottingham Web developer - Paul Mark Quinn

I am also available for freelance work contact me

If you wish to help a freelancer on his road, perhaps donate to my cause. More donations allow me to build stuff for free to help the world out!
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Here are some of the tools and skills I work with, if you need help, then get in touch.

  • More skills

  • kirby CMS
  • Laravel
  • Codeigniter
  • Angular
  • Backbone
  • jQuery
  • VueJs




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